Marketing Strategy Meets Wall Street III

When:07 July 2013
  - 09 July 2013


The aim of the conference is to present research at the interface between marketing, accounting and finance and to attract researchers from all three areas (marketing, accounting and finance) to close the gap between research in these three areas.


Usually, there is little collaboration between researchers in marketing and researchers in accounting and finance despite the fact that there are many research questions that might be best solved by an interdisciplinary approach.


Brand valuation, for example, is a major topic in marketing and accounting but huge differences exist between the approaches that are used in both fields. Disclosure regulation is an important topic in accounting and marketing and researchers continue to develop methods that are better suited to serve as indicators for the future success of firms. Still, little is known how marketing metrics affect capital markets, how they change behavior of managers, and what their impact investment efficiency is.


The conference "Marketing Strategy Meets Wall Street" is a very successful conference in marketing that attracted approximately 200 researchers from all over the world to a 2009 conference at Emory University and a 2011 conference at Boston University. The major aim of the upcoming conference is to broaden the participation at the conference and bring together researchers from marketing, accounting and finance and start to close the gap between research in these three areas.


To accomplish this aim, the conference attempts to have excellent presentations by researchers from one field (e.g., marketing) that will first be discussed by a researcher from another field (e.g., accounting or finance) and then by the remaining audience. As a consequence, the conference will just have a limited number of presentations (11 slots with two parallel sessions and two presentations each), but each presentation should be discussed quite intensively.


Its aim is also to attract presentations from researchers in all three fields (marketing, accounting, finance).




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