Information, Communication, Transparency: Foundations for Financial Decisions

When:15 March 2013
  - 16 March 2013

European Workshop on Experimental and Behavioral Economics (EWEBE) 2013




Understanding individual decision-making is crucial for understanding market interactions and organizational efficiency. Experiences with the current financial crisis suggest that individual decision-making is sometimes irrational and affected by systematic behavioural biases. Experimental and behavioural economics indeed provides ample empirical evidence for this argument.

The European Workshop on Experimental and Behavioral Economics (EWEBE) 2013 brings together a group of distinguished international scholars who are at the forefront of research in experimental and behavioural economics. The focus of the workshop is on information processing and decision making, bounded rationality, impact of ambiguity on behavior, household behavior and risk, investment behavior, overconfidence, social networks, and gender and decision-making. The workshop thus promises to contribute to our understanding of financial markets, financial crisis, and the efficiency of financial institutions.



Participation in the conference is free of charge.


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