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Topics: Central bank-driven mispricing, household expenditures, real estate transfer tax

SAFE Policy Lecture: Philipp Hartmann examines the first twenty years of ECB´s monetary policy

SAFE Policy Lecture: Dirk Schoenmaker from the Rotterdam School of Management spoke about a market-led approach to sustainability

SAFE Policy Lecture: Bundesbank Board member calls for European solution for cashless payment systems

Application of SAFE rated as "excellent"

SAFE Policy Lecture: Justin Yifu Lin, the former Chief Economist of the World Bank, sees a large potential for China´s economy

The paper "An arbitrage-free yield net model with application to the euro debt crisis" by Zhiwu Hong and Linlin Niu has been finalized for the project "Quantitative Easing and Financial (In)Stability" funded by the Volkswagen Foundation.

A new paper analyzes the effects of Quantitative Easing on international financial asset returns through the portfolio balance channel