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SAFE Policy Lecture with Ludger Schuknecht from the OECD: A risk-map for fiscal-financial vulnerabilities

SAFE publication awarded at the 2019 CEPR-Imperial-Plato Market Innovator Conference on Market Structure

SAFE Policy Lecture: Incentive-compatible cooperatives could distribute wealth more equally, said Francesco Caselli from the London School of Economics

SAFE academics awarded for a paper on „quasi-dark trading“

Researchers and practitioners discuss the benefits and strategies of public debt management at Goethe University

Topics: manager reactions to shareholder complaints, European financial market regulation, Single Supervisory Mechanism


At a conference at Goethe University, academics discussed the phenomenon of public debt from an economic-historical perspective

SAFE Policy Lecture: A team of the International Monetary Fund discussed alternatives for reforms of the international corporate tax system

At the end of his term at the European Central Bank, Praet leaves the SAFE Policy Council after six years as Chairman

At the Federal Ministry of Finance, representatives from politics, the financial industry and academia discussed the reforms of financial market regulation