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SAFE honored for its commitment to provide a working environment based on the principle of equal opportunities

SAFE Policy Lecture: CEO Theodor Weimer focuses on organic growth at Deutsche Börse and intends to invest even more in IT in the future

SAFE Policy Lecture: In the view of Ashoka Mody of Princeton University, the ECB has suffered serious damage in recent years

SAFE Policy Lecture: Pentti Hakkarainen talks about the future of the Banking Union

Joint Research Conference of Institute for Banking and Financial History, House of Finance and SAFE on "Lehman - 10 years after" at Goethe University

Topics: the power of personal experiences in risk taking; denouncing odious debts; economic transplants in the legal world

SAFE Policy Lecture: Thorsten Pötzsch from BaFin defends the new resolution regime

SAFE Policy Lecture: Lorenzo Bini Smaghi presents an alternative to Eurobonds

State Secretary of the German Federal Ministry of Finance joins advisory board of SAFE Policy Center

SAFE Policy Lecture: Rosa María Lastra from Queen Mary University calls for better judicial control for central banks