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International team of financial economists proposes outright cash transfers to firms combined with a temporary, elevated corporate profit tax

We were shocked to learn of the sudden death of Thomas Schäfer. We owe him so much. Our deepest sympathy now belongs to his family

Financial stability in the long term: We need a coordinated fiscal plan at European level and the massive use of equity-like financing

Targeted European measures have to counteract a contagion of the financial sector

Professor of Econometrics died unexpectedly at the age of 64

On a conference in Alexandria, Virginia, researchers explored the outcomes of the projects funded in round 4 and considered the sustainability of data intensive projects in the humanities and social sciences

SAFE academic awarded for the best publication by a young researcher of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration of Goethe University Frankfurt

Topics: regulating tail-risks, long-term viability of sovereign bond-backed securities, Libra

Conference on Financial Market Policy 2019: Debate on whether there is too much competition in European banking

General Meeting of the Leibniz Association approves admission of the Financial Research Center at Goethe University Frankfurt from 2020 onwards