21 Nov 2014

Video tutorials on how to invest money

In new video tutorials on FAZ.NET, Andreas Hackethal, Professor of Personal Finance at Goethe University Frankfurt and principal investigator at the Research Center SAFE, explains how savers find the right investment strategy in order to get more interest rates on their savings. From today, FAZ.NET provides eleven three-minute tutorials altogether, two new tutorials every week. In 2013, Hackethal already offered video tutorials on FAZ. NET about the fundamentals of financial investments.

Andreas Hackethal holds the House of Finance Endowed Chair of Personal Finance since 2008. He is dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration at Goethe University Frankfurt since 2011. Furthermore, he is a member of the Exchange Expert Commission of the Federal Ministry of Finance and a member of the Advisory Council to the German Financial Services Authority (BaFin). His research interests are on investor decision making, behavioral finance, the role of financial advice as well as banking competition and market structures.