24 Oct 2018

TRISP Kick-off Workshop in November

First workshop for “Trends in Inequality: Sources and Policy“ will take place in Frankfurt

The first TRISP workshop will take place in Frankfurt, Germany from 26-27 November 2018. At Goethe University´s House of Finance, all collaborating members will come together and discuss topics related to the project. TRISP stands for “Trends in Inequality: Sources and Policy“.

The project team aims to evaluate the effects of inequality in income, wealth, hours worked and consumption on welfare and to quantitatively decompose the trends in inequality into their various sources. It will also focus on the impact of fiscal and monetary policies on inequality and characterize welfare improving policies.

Team members in the partner institutions are Per Krusell (Institute for International Economic Studies IIES), Mariacristina De Nardi (University College London) and Giulio Fella (Queen Mary University of London).

Workshop Agenda