30 Sep 2013

Three new professors strengthen research on finance

With three new professors the Research Center SAFE at Goethe University’s House of Finance strengthens its research and policy advice in the area of finance. SAFE stands for Sustainable Architecture for Finance in Europe and is a cooperation of the Center for Financial Studies and Goethe University Frankfurt launched in January 2013. SAFE is funded by the Hessian excellence initiative LOEWE.

On 1 October, Prof. Loriana Pelizzon, previously at the University of Venice, will join the SAFE research team; on 1 December, Prof. Christine Zulehner, currently at the University of Linz, will follow, as will Rüdiger Bachmann, currently at the University of Aachen, in April 2014.

Loriana Pelizzon, 46, will take over the SAFE Professorship of Law and Finance. Currently, she is dedicating herself mainly to issues related to the financial crisis, such as systemic risks, risk management, credit derivatives and risks, and contagion. Next to and before working as a Professor in Venice, Pelizzon also conducted research in other places, including at the MIT Sloan School of Management, and at the London Business School, where she also earned her doctorate in finance in 2002. She is a coordinator of the Doctoral Tutorial of the European Finance Association (EFA) and a member of BSI GAMMA Foundation's Executive Committee. Furthermore, she has been involved in NBER and FDIC projects, as well as in EU, Europlace and Inquire Europe projects. She frequently advises banks, pension funds and government agencies on risk measurement and risk management strategies.

Christine Zulehner, 45, will become SAFE Professor for Industrial Organization and Financial Markets in December 2013. She conducts research in the area of industrial and competition economics that is focused on the strategic behavior of market players in oligopolies or auctions. Zulehner holds a doctoral degree from Humboldt-Universität in Berlin and completed her habilitation at the University of Vienna in 2008. Besides having worked as a professor at the University of Linz, she is a research staff member at the Austrian Institute of Economic Research and a member of the Scientific Advisory Council of the Centre for European Economic Research (ZEW) in Mannheim.

Rüdiger Bachmann, 38, will take over the SAFE Professorship of Behavioral Economics and Finance in April 2014. His research in microeconomics focuses on the behavior of heterogeneous agents, the implications of uncertainty and expectation formation on macroeconomic outcomes. Before he started working in Aachen, he conducted research at the University of Michigan, USA, with stays at the Universities of Pennsylvania and Harvard. In 2007, Bachmann received his doctoral degree (PhD) from Yale University. He is Research Affiliate with the Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR), a CESifo research network fellow and an external research professor at the Ifo Institute in Munich.

At present, SAFE brings together around 50 professors and just as many junior researchers who conduct interdisciplinary research in the areas financial institutions, financial markets, household finance, corporate governance and monetary policy/macro finance. With funds from the Hessian LOEWE program this team will increase by six professors, six junior professors, nine PostDocs and numerous research assistants. The new professors are specifically appointed for interdisciplinary topics with the objective to overcome traditional boundaries across disciplines in economics.