13 Apr 2018

SAFE Researcher Awarded ECB Lamfalussy Fellowship

Thomas Mosk selected for his research proposal “Limits to Monetary Policy Transmission: Evidence from Corporate Loan Pricing”

Thomas Mosk, Assistant Professor at the Research Center SAFE in Frankfurt, has been awarded a Lamfalussy Research Fellowship at the European Central Bank (ECB) for his research proposal “Limits to Monetary Policy Transmission: Evidence from Corporate Loan Pricing”.

Each Lamfalussy fellowship is endowed with a honorarium of 10,000 euros. Successful candidates are required to write a research paper during their fellowship in one of four research areas. Mosk´s research project contributes to the area “micro- and macroprudential regulation and their impact on the monetary policy transmission mechanism”.

In a joint project with Professor Rainer Haselmann, Program Director “Financial Institutions – Stability and Regulation” at SAFE, Mosk aims to assess the interest rate pass-through of monetary policy to loan rates using a unique hand-collected dataset on newly originated corporate term loans and interest negotiations of a large commercial bank in the Netherlands produced between 2007 and 2013.

The Lamfalussy fellowship program was launched in 2003 by the European Central Bank and aims to promote high-quality research on the structure, integration, and performance of the European financial system. The program is named after the Baron Alexandre Lamfalussy, the first president of the European Monetary Institute.

Thomas Mosk has been at SAFE since 2013. His research lies in the boundaries of corporate finance, financial intermediation and organizational economics. Part of his attention has been drawn to understanding how financial regulation affects banks and the real economy. His work has been published at the Review of Financial Studies. He received a master degree in Economics and Econometrics from the University of Groningen. Mosk was previously Ph.D. researcher at Tilburg University and visiting Ph.D. researcher at the Kellogg School of Management of Northwestern University.