29 Sep 2014

SAFE Director contributes to a national strategy plan for research and development in Greece

As a member of the Greek National Council for Research and Technology (NCRT) appointed for the period 2010-13, Michael Haliassos, Professor for Macroeconomics and Finance at Goethe University and Director of SAFE and CFS, contributed to the "National Strategic Framework for Research and Innovation 2014 -2020" for his home country Greece. The NCRT 2010-13 consisted of eleven scientists representing all disciplines and was appointed in October 2010. This body submitted a proposed strategic plan to the Greek government, and this proposal was officially released in August 2014.

To promote the advancement of research, technology and innovation in Greece, the strategic plan proposed by the authors seeks to identify areas of existing research strength and excellence that can be further advanced to become engines for progress and growth in Greece, as well as flaws inherent to the present system. Areas of strength and recent successes are shipping, tourism, energy, IT, pharmaceuticals and engineering. The authors stress the need to address current constraints to growth, which include the declining education system; the confusion and weaknesses of R&D governance and management; the discontinuities and inefficiencies of resource allocation and investment; the lack of adaptation to clearly-defined national priorities; and the inadequate opportunities and funding for high-quality research and development to flourish. They stress the need for prioritization and efficient allocation; stability of the policy frame; predictability of planning; provision of opportunity; recognition of excellence; and responsiveness to current and future needs.

The plan proposes programs in each of eight disciplinary areas consisting of specific projects/actions with implementation timetables and estimated costs for each (see figure below).

The authors write: β€œThe adoption and implementation of this Plan can signal a decisive shift to a stronger and more sustainable growth path for Greece, with R&D supporting a commitment to a knowledge-based economy that fosters innovation. It can also promote parallel reforms that will impact on governance and management; public expectations; and social inclusion.” They express their hopes that this concrete strategic plan is soon followed by an implementation plan by the Government of Greece.

To download the study please follow this link.