02 Sep 2013

New Young Scholars join SAFE Research Team

As of September 2013, Baptiste Massenot becomes a new Junior Professor for Macroeconomics and Finance at the Center of Excellence SAFE. He will join the SAFE research area “Macro Finance”. Massenot has been working as a Postdoctoral Researcher at the University of Lausanne since having earned his Ph.D. at the Toulouse School of Economics in 2010 where he had also completed his master studies. His research interests lie in macroeconomics, economic growth and development, law and economics and institutions. Massenot fills the fifth of six new junior professorships Goethe University is establishing in the Center of Excellence SAFE.

On top, SAFE was able to win six postdoctoral researchers with impressive international backgrounds each: Thomas Mosk, formerly Tilburg University, will join the research area on financial institutions; Steffen Juranek, Goethe University, has already joined the area “Corporate Governance”; Mariya Melnychuk, previously at the University of Alicante, and Eirini Tatsi, Goethe University, will conduct research on household finance; Satchit Sagade from the University of Reading, has strengthened the “Asset Pricing & Trading” research team; Alessandro Gioffré, formerly University of Basel, will join Baptiste Massenot in the area “Macro Finance”.