11 May 2015

Ivo Welch awarded Humboldt Research Award

Ivo Welch, J. Fred Weston Professor of Finance at UCLA Anderson School of Management, has been awarded the Humboldt Research Award. Welch is a leading scholar in finance and economics, and internationally renowned for his outstanding research. He has worked on a wide variety of subjects in financial economics and strategy, such as Initial Public Offerings (IPOs), Seasoned Equity Offerings (SEOs), capital structure, earnings management, dividends, and the equity premium. The Humboldt Research Award is granted by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, in recognition of a researcher's entire achievements to date.

The award will enable Ivo Welch to spend several months at Goethe University in Frankfurt and the Research Center SAFE. In cooperation with Holger Kraft, Professor of Asset Pricing at Goethe University Frankfurt and Principal Investigator in SAFE, he plans to work on building a catalogue of historical financial data in order to analyze the effects of historical events on the financial markets developments at that time.

Ivo Welch is one of the most highly cited authors in the field of finance, and he has won several awards and prizes. His stay in Frankfurt will be of lasting value, not only to the SAFE Ph.D. students and junior researchers but also to the full faculty.