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According to a SAFE analysis of WM Group data, European regulations on the sustainability of financial products are leading to greater transparency

SAFE Director Florian Heider does not see any existential risks for the banks covered by the latest stress test of the European banking supervisors…

High-quality innovations are not tied to high funding of companies

Frankfurt Research Data Center now permanently accredited with independent advisory body to the German Federal Government

Researchers and practitioners discuss the reform proposal of the CMDI framework

Young researchers from SAFE, Goethe University, and Deutsche Bundesbank are investigating the sustainability of socially and environmentally…

Banks increasingly manage customer relations through automated letters or online notifications. However, a personal conversation with bank employees…

Networking event serves as platform for female academics at prestigious symposium

Workshop for women highlights current research and provides platform for exchange of experiences

Rachel Nam was honored at highly regarded conferences for her paper on open banking and data sharing