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The first Sustainability Standards Watchers Conference showed how severe the consequences of climate change already are and how this is changing…

SAFE researcher convinces with a project on “Gender Wealth Gap” in Leibniz Competition

In her Financial History Lecture, Catherine R. Schenk of the University of Oxford outlined developments, changing technical requirements and current…

SWIFT as a tool for sanctions provokes rollouts of alternative programs and risks western economic positions

In a SAFE Fintech Policy Lecture, practical and academic experts discussed a "digital euro" and regulatory challenges

Researchers at Leibniz Institute SAFE begin data collection for TranspArEEnS project

The European Central Bank’s latest Financial Stability Review identifies corporate balance sheets and housing prices as sore points

SAFE Director favors risk-weighted premiums and a concentration limit for government bonds in bank portfolios ahead of Eurogroup meeting

Fabio Panetta, Member of the Executive Board of the European Central Bank (ECB), explains in a SAFE-CEPR Policy Lecture that it takes gradual steps to…

Presentations on fiscal discipline of sovereigns in the corona pandemic, liquidity risks, and bank bailouts