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TranspArEEnS project aims to collect information on energy efficiency and ESG performance of small and medium-sized enterprises in order to introduce…

New edition “SAFE Update” is launched with six online issues per year

Former U.S. President Donald Trump has preferred to communicate a lot via Twitter, but has hardly revealed any market-relevant information

SAFE Director advocates a split between national primary insurers and a European savings reinsurer to complete the banking union

In a SAFE Policy Web panel, economists Markus Brunnermeier and Benoît Cœuré discuss the role of central banks in the wake of technological change

SAFE Director sees the European Central Bank's (ECB) current monetary policy decision as an attempt to stick to the inflation target alone

A SAFE-CEPR Policy Web Seminar addressed how sufficient the tools are to tackle a possible wave of non-performing loans in the aftermath of COVID-19

Central bank representatives present latest ECB Financial Stability Review at SAFE Policy Web Seminar

Artificial intelligence is increasingly being used in the financial sector. However, if it is trained by algorithms using biased data, this can have…

The first "Frankfurt Interdisciplinary Live Debate" looks at solidarity in times of Covid-19 and beyond – and reveals some lines of conflict