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Workshop and research visit to benefit from the Oxford Group’s extensive knowledge of agent-based models

EU Parliamentarian increases advisory board of SAFE Policy Center

European Commission Vice-President Jyrki Katainen to address EMF-ECBC Energy Efficient Mortgages Initiative Stakeholders in Brussels

Andreas Hackethal

Program Director of SAFE research area “Household Finance” appointed a member of Consultative Working Group of ESMA's Financial Innovation Standing…

Entrepreneurs receive more and longer lending if they know a banker from the same elite service club branch / Negative effects on credit allocation in…

Topics: The erosion of market discipline during the financial crisis, fallacies of consumer education, the role of elite networks for credit…

ABS originators should be obliged to reveal how much of the transaction’s risk they share / Current regulation gives too much leeway

New SAFE Lunch Time Series in Brussels: Udo Franke, Jakob von Weizsäcker and Jan Pieter Krahnen discuss benefits and risks arising from CCPs

Reelected for three more years

A paper of the project "Quantitative Easing and (In)Stability" was presented in Chicago