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Topics: the impact of different insurance schemes on markets, market integration and a joint European market supervision

Lecture on 18 October 2017 on "The Bubble Dilemma: Asset Prices in Historical Perspective"

Topics: Is proprietary trading detrimental to retail investors? The risk-taking incentives of inside debt. A guest commentary by Felix Hufeld – and…

Joint initiative with the Goethe University Library Johann Christian Senckenberg and the Hessian Library Information System HeBIS

Alexander Ludwig and Nicola Fuchs-Schündeln have been awarded funding by the NORFACE-DIAL program

As an Assistant Professor, Davide Tomio is teaching courses in valuation and derivatives

Energy efficient Mortgages Action Plan launches web portal

Christian Thimann calls for shift of financial actors’ strategies

Brigitte Haar

Vice President of Goethe University advises Financial Supervisory Authority

European stakeholders to propose concrete solutions to enhance energy efficiency in the European Union