Lunchtime Series: Central Counterparties (CCPs) – The Tension between Competition and Financial Stability

When:01 February 2017
, 11:30
 - 13:00
Where:Brussels, Belguim

Panelists: Udo Franke, German Federal Ministry of Finance

Jan Pieter Krahnen, SAFE and Goethe University

Jakob von Weizsäcker, MEP

Moderator: Axel Kunde, Single Resolution Board

The panel will discuss the future structure of the CCP market in Europe and the role that competition between CCPs may play for financial stability. Further, what do these aspects imply for the financial supervisory architecture in Europe? All these issues may also be of relevance in the current debate about the location of a merger between London Stock Exchange and Deutsche Börse.

Reference will be made to the SAFE White Paper No. 41 “Predatory" Margins and the Regulation and Supervision of Central Counterparty Clearing Houses (CCPs) by Jan Pieter Krahnen and Loriana Pelizzon.

Event report