Dr. Alessandro Gioffré, Ph.D.

Dr. Alessandro Gioffré, Ph.D.
Macro Finance, Household Finance
External Researcher, Research Affiliate
University of Florence
+39 055 275 9606
Autor(en) Titel Forschungs­bereich Publiziert
Gabriele Camera, Alessandro Gioffré Asymmetric Social Norms
Economics Letters
Macro Finance 2017
Gabriele Camera, Alessandro Gioffré Game-Theoretic Foundations of Monetary Equilibrium
Journal of Monetary Economics
Macro Finance 2014
Gabriele Camera, Alessandro Gioffré A Tractable Analysis of Contagious Equilibria
Journal of Mathematical Economics
Macro Finance 2015
Forscher Projekt Finanziert von Status Projektdauer Publication Count
Gabriele Camera, Alessandro Gioffré Microfoundations of Money LOEWE Beendet 2014 1
Alessandro Gioffré Cooperation in Anonymous Societies LOEWE Fortlaufend 2017 0
Alessandro Gioffré, Yuri Pettinicchi Risk Sharing and Lending: The Benefits of Repayment Flexibility LOEWE Fortlaufend 2016 1
Giuliano Curatola, Ilya Dergunov, Alessandro Gioffré, Roberto Panzica Preference Heterogeneity, Non-Price-Taking Behavior and Asset Prices LOEWE Fortlaufend 2017 0
Stefano Colonnello, Giuliano Curatola, Alessandro Gioffré Pricing Sin Stocks: Ethical Preference vs. Risk Aversion LOEWE Fortlaufend 2018 0