Prof. Nathanael Vellekoop, Ph.D.

Prof. Nathanael Vellekoop, Ph.D.
Household Finance
External Researcher
University of Toronto
Autor(en) Titel Forschungs­bereich Publiziert
Charles N. Noussair, Stefan T. Trautmann, Nathanael Vellekoop, Gijs van de Kuilen Risk Aversion and Religion
Journal of Risk and Uncertainty
Household Finance 2013
Forscher Projekt Finanziert von Status Projektdauer Publication Count
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Olga Goldfayn, Nathanael Vellekoop Social Networks and Informal Lines of Credit LOEWE Fortlaufend 2016 1
Victoria Serra-Sastre, Eirini Tatsi, Nathanael Vellekoop Determinants of Young Adults’ Financial Behavior LOEWE Fortlaufend 2014 0
Satyajit Dutt, David Love, Henriette Prast, Nathanael Vellekoop How do Households Learn to Use a New Financial Product? Savings Behavior in the Plan, Crowd-Out, and the Role of Social Interactions LOEWE Fortlaufend 2016 0
Satyajit Dutt, Nathanael Vellekoop, Mirko Wiederholt Inflation Expectations and Household Consumption Behavior LOEWE Fortlaufend 2017 1