Green Auto Securitization (GAS)

Projekt Start:10/2022
Forscher:Carmelo Latino, Loriana Pelizzon, Max Riedel, Yue Wang
Bereich: Financial Markets
Finanziert von:BMBF

The project aims to provide insights for the design of future green auto policies and their impact on the risk management of European financial institutions. The project is based on an empirical analysis of securitized auto loans and leases (Auto ABS) in terms of sustainability-related data, vehicle fundamentals and credit risks. The project consists of two sub-projects: 1) the analysis and definition of transparent sustainability factors and standardized methods for the definition of green financial products in the automotive industry (SAFE); 2) the construction of a model database (EDW).  
The project is part of the funding measure "Climate Protection and Finance" (KlimFi) of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).  
Partner institutions: European DataWarehouse (EDW) 
Project leaders: Marco Angheben, Loriana Pelizzon  
Project duration 3 years 
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Zugehörige Working Papers

391Carmelo Latino, Loriana Pelizzon, Max RiedelHow to Green the European Auto ABS Market? A Literature Survey2023 Financial Markets

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