SAFE Annual Conference on Sustainable Architecture for Finance – Where Are We Now and Where Are We Going?

When:13 Dezember 2018
Where:Campus Westend, Goethe University Frankfurt

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A stable and sustainable financial system is an essential foundation for economic growth and prosperity. In its capability of steering the allocation of capital at a national and international level, it brings about key prerequisites for dynamic and stable economic development, innovation, high employment, broad wealth creation and monetary and fiscal stability. Yet the experiences of the last ten years have shown that high economic and social costs can arise from an insufficiently regulated financial system riddled with false incentives. Despite numerous clear improvements, the effects of many measures and their sometimes unintended side-effects remain largely unknown. A sustainable financial architecture that is convincingly contained by regulatory frameworks has still not been achieved and remains a long-term task.

The conference will review the current financial architecture and analyze recent developments. It will also try to estimate how the financial system is likely to evolve in the near future and to consider the relevant measures policymakers should take in response to the current environment.


Conference Committee


Jan Pieter Krahnen, Research Center SAFE

Loriana Pelizzon, Research Center SAFE


Session organizers:

Household Finance: Raimond Maurer (Goethe University) and Olivia S. Mitchell (University of Pennsylvania)

Corporate Finance: Uwe Walz (SAFE and Goethe University)

Financial Markets: Christian Schlag (SAFE and Goethe University) and Karen Lewis (University of Pennsylvania)

Financial Institutions: Rainer Haselmann (SAFE and Goethe University) and Steven Ongena (University of Zurich)

Systemic Risk: Loriana Pelizzon (SAFE and Goethe University) and Luc Laeven (ECB)

Macroeconomics, Heterogeneity and Public Finance: Alexander Ludwig (SAFE and Goethe University) and Wouter den Haan (London School of Economics)

Financial Regulation: Tobias Tröger (SAFE and Goethe University) and Gerard Hertig (ETH Zurich)

Money and Banking: Maik Schmeling (Goethe University) and Frank Smets (ECB)


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