3rd Conference on Financial Markets and Macroeconomic Performance

When:07 Mai 2018
  - 08 Mai 2018
Where:House of Finance, Goethe University

Download the Program (pdf)

The global financial and economic crisis in 2008/2009 has shown the critical importance of the financial sector for macroeconomic activity. In response, many policy makers and academic scholars have focused their attention on the link between financial markets and the real economy. Against this backdrop, the Center for Economic Policy (CEPR), the German Science Foundation (DFG), and the Research Center SAFE (Sustainable Architecture for Finance in Europe) are organizing a joint conference on “Financial Markets and Macroeconomic Performance”. The conference will take place on May 7 and 8, 2018, at Goethe University Frankfurt.

We plan to have paper presentations with discussions and a poster session for younger colleagues. 

OrganizersWouter den Haan (London School of Economics and CEPR), Jan Pieter Krahnen (SAFE and Goethe University Frankfurt), Tom Krebs (University of Mannheim), Alexander Ludwig (SAFE and Goethe University Frankfurt).