SAFE Policy Center & ICIR: Dieter Wemmer

When:28 Juni 2016
, 16:00
 - 17:30

Title: A Critical Perspective on the Solvency II Implementation - An (Un)level Playing Field in Times of Low Interest Rate

Speaker: Dieter Wemmer (Member of the Board of Management, Allianz SE)

Discussant: Frank Grund (Chief Executive Director of Insurance and Pension Funds Supervision, BaFin)

Moderator: Helmut Gründl (ICIR, Goethe University)

The event aims at promoting a dialogue between the insurance industry and insurance supervision on the current issues of Solvency II implementation. Dr. Dieter Wemmer will outline a critical perspective on the implementation of Solvency II and its impact on the insurance industry. Following his speech, Dr. Frank Grund will comment on the key statements, leading over to a general discussion. Key discussion topics will include the inconsistent application of Solvency II within Europe, adverse implications from the misalignment between Solvency II and local accounting standards as well as related challenges from the low yield environment. The discussion will be moderated by Prof. Dr. Helmut Gründl (ICIR, Goethe University).

The lecture is jointly organized by the SAFE Policy Center and the International Center for Insurance Regulation (ICIR).