Frankfurt Conference on Financial Market Policy

When:29 November 2013
Where:Goethe University Frankfurt

The regulation and supervision of financial institutions has been subject to a comprehensive reform ever since the current financial crisis broke out. This has remained a controversial topic, high on the agenda of a number of international fora (G20, FSB, BIS etc.). Financial crises come with significant social costs. At the same time, a robust and resilient financial system is a necessary condition for a healthy economic system – a potential trade-off, calling for an appropriate policy response. The challenge is to define a legislative and supervisory framework, which will strengthen financial markets’ capacity to serve a useful purpose.

Against this background, the Center of Excellence SAFE is organizing its first Frankfurt Conference on Financial Market Policy. The conference will bring together policymakers, academics as well as industry participants in three panel sessions (“One market, one supervisor”, “Making banks failable” and “What’s up for banks – and their clients”). The objective is to foster an open debate and to contribute to a general public’s capacity to evaluate arguments and appraise policy initiatives.

The program’s highlights include

  • A keynote address by Yves Mersch (ECB)
  • Contributions from renowned panelist:
    Panel 1: Ignazio Angeloni (ECB), John Berrigan (EU Commission), Vitor Gaspar (Banco de Portugal), Charles Goodhart (LSE), Adam Posen (Peterson Institute)
    Panel 2: Andreas Dombret (Deutsche Bundesbank), Philipp Härle (McKinsey), Jan Pieter Krahnen (SAFE), Maria Nieto (Banco de Espana), Adrian van Rixtel (BIS)
    Panel 3: Lutz Diederichs (HVB-Unicredit), Michael Hüther (IW), Sylvie Mathérat (Banque de France), Joachim Nagel (Deutsche Bundesbank), Thierry Philipponnat (Finance Watch), Karl-Peter Schackmann-Fallis (DSGV)
  • Concluding Remarks by Ignazio Visco (Governor, Banca D’Italia)

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