01 Oct 2014

DG ECFIN Research Fellowship awarded to Ester Faia

SAFE Program Director Ester Faia was recently awarded a Research Fellowship by the Directorate General of Economic and Financial Affairs (DG ECFIN) of the European Commission for their 2014-2015 initiative "Forward to a New Normal: Growth, integration and structural convergence revisited" . The fellows will advise DG ECFIN staff on mapping out a new economic policy framework, focusing on medium-term growth perspectives, the architecture of the financial system and the European convergence and integration mechanisms.

Ester Faia holds the Chair of Monetary and Fiscal Policy at Goethe University Frankfurt and is Program Director of the Macro Finance area at SAFE. She has many publications in top journals on topics related to the interaction of banking, the macroeconomy and macroeconomic policy.

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