18 Jun 2013

Call for Proposals: Austerity and Economic Growth - Concepts for Europe

SAFE is now accepting proposals for academic research projects in its first round of funding. The topic of the call is “Austerity and Economic Growth: Concepts for Europe”. The objective is to solicit proposals for papers that examine the nature of the relationship between austerity, debt sustainability and growth. A special focus will be on the impact of austerity programs on the real economy and the effects on consumption, investment, jobs and growth.

Researchers are invited to submit proposals with a compact (maximum 5-page) research outline. Five projects will be selected to receive a grant of € 10,000 each. The aim should be to produce an academic paper suitable for submission to a major journal. The researchers will also be asked to present their work in Frankfurt at a SAFE conference to be held in summer 2014 and to transfer their results to a policy publication following the conference.

Selection of proposals will be made by an international committee of referees, including Costas Azariadis, Roel Beetsma, Henning Bohn, Athanasios Orphanides and Alfons Weichenrieder.

The deadline for submission is 10 September 2013.


Call for Proposals: Austerity and Growth - long version

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