Equal Opportunities for Women and Men

Ensuring a gender fair and family friendly environment with equal opportunities for all employees and adequate working conditions for young families is one of the key concerns of SAFE. From its start, SAFE developed a number of affirmative measures to promote equal opportunities for women and men and support families. The mission of SAFE is to create awareness for equal opportunities, empower individuals to combine family and career, counter gender stereotypes and accommodate where possible to individual life plans.

To date, there is a clear underrepresentation of women in research, especially in leading senior positions. SAFE is striving to counteract by continuously increasing the share of women among its research staff. The guiding principle of selecting the most qualified candidate for a position remains unaffected by this.


Concept for Equal Opportunities for Women and Men

An overview of the measures to achieve equal opportunities for women and men as well as a family friendly environment is provided in the SAFE Concept for Equal Opportunities for Women and Men.

Gender Equality & Diversity Action Plan

The „Gender Equality & Diversity Action Plan“ (GEDAP) is regularly developed by SAFE together with the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration. It provides analyses and figures about gender equality as well as an overview of repective measures taken at SAFE and at the faculty. The most recent GEDAP is available for download here.

Coordinator Gender Equality

 Loriana PelizzonProf. Loriana Pelizzon, Ph.D.