Promotion of Young Researchers

Ph.D. in Finance

Stipend Program with the Graduate School of Economics, Finance, and Management (GSEFM)

The GSEFM offers a quantitative and research-oriented education featuring the structure of premier anglo-saxon graduate programs. Together with SAFE, it provides an environment where students can benefit from a unique research group in Finance spanning a wide range of topics, such as in particular banking, asset pricing, corporate and household finance, macro finance, international finance, data science and financial law. Students and faculty benefit from the location in Frankfurt, the primary center for financial markets and central banking in continental Europe. The program does not charge tuition fees.

The GSEFM Ph.D. Program in Finance consists of two years of doctoral coursework with a qualifying examination at the end of the first year. Core courses in financial economics, econometrics, and mathematical methods (first year) and two to three elective courses (second year) ensure that students acquire a thorough knowledge of the theory of Finance before beginning their own research.

The Leibniz Institute for Financial Research SAFE, also based at Goethe University’s House of Finance, offers funding for the entire program to excellent applicants for the Ph.D. Program in Finance as well as to those for the Program in Economics who pursue Finance as one field in their studies. The funding includes grants of monthly €1,000 in the first program year and Student/Research Assistant positions after passing the preliminary exams.

SAFE – short for Sustainable Architecture for Finance in Europe – is dedicated to interdisciplinary research on the financial markets and their players in Europe as well as to research-based, independent policy advice. It is committed to contributing to a sustainable and resilient financial system that promotes innovation and serves the needs of the economy and its citizens.

The GSEFM education combined with research work at SAFE offers exceptional global career opportunities in academia, international organizations, or financial regulation.

SAFE aims to increase the proportion of female scholars among its research staff and will therefore give preference to female applicants in case of equal qualification.

Interested? Please visit the GSEFM website for more information on the Ph.D. in Finance and admission requirements. Please follow the information on the GSEFM website on how to apply and make sure you choose SAFE as first preference funding source unter the header "Application for Financial Aid" in the application form.

If you have any questions on the SAFE opportunities for young researchers, please contact the SAFE Coordinator for young researchers,  Christian Schlag.

Job Opportunities for Young Researchers

SAFE regularly offers various job opportunities to Ph.D. students and postdoctoral researchers. Please have a look at the current job offers.

Working Environment

SAFE provides an attractive working environment in an international, interdisciplinary, and inspiring team, all focused on research topics in the realm of Finance. There is a large amount of relevant data sources available to SAFE researchers as well as funding for experimental research. SAFE provides every young researcher with a mentor and regular feedback sessions. Both institutions are meant to offer advice, especially with regard to publications and researcher networks. All young researchers are actively involved in the SAFE seminar series to learn to present their research at an early stage. There are several funding opportunities within SAFE to enable young researchers to travel to international conferences, and realise their own research ideas. Furthermore, postdoctoral reserachers are given the opportunity to invite external researchers within the framework of the SAFE visitors program to work on their research subjects.

Contact for questions

Christian Schlag

Prof. Dr. Christian Schlag

Coordinator Young Researchers