Visitors Program

With its Visitors Program, SAFE offers its researchers the opportunity to invite distinguished colleagues as well as promising post-doc researchers for research visits to Frankfurt. During their stay, senior visitors give PhD mini courses and deliver either a seminar or a public lecture, but also enter into an exchange of thoughts and ideas with both researchers and students of SAFE and Goethe University. Junior visitors pursue their own research projects, while, at the same time, collaborating with SAFE researchers and profiting from an exchange of research techniques and results.

Previous Visitors

Drexler, Alejandro H.Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago
Ellul, AndrewIndiana University
Bäckman, ClaesSAFE
Love, DavidWilliams College
Palazzo, Francesco
Spamann, HolgerHarvard Law School
Sihvonen, JukkaAalto University
Molnar, KrisztinaNorwegian School of Economics
Subrahmanyam, MartiStern School of Business at New York University
White, MatthewUniversity of Delaware
Weber, MichaelUniversity of Chicago
Niekamp, MichaelUniversität Kassel
Wakabayashi, MidoriTohoku University
Sarlin, PeterAalto University
Kubota, SoWaseda University Tokyo
Juranek, SteffenNorwegian School of Economics
Siegel, StephanUniversity of Washington
Liao, YinMacquarie University Sydney