Prof. Reint Gropp, Ph.D.

Prof. Reint Gropp, Ph.D.
Program Area:
Financial Institutions
External Researcher, CFS/SAFE Fellow
Halle Institute for Economic Research
Researcher Project Category Status Project Duration Publication Count
Reint Gropp, Rasa Karapandza, Julian Opferkuch Public Soft Information Financial Institutions Completed 2014 1
Reint Gropp, Vahid Saadi Redlining in the US Housing Market and the Early Stage of the Housing Bubble Financial Institutions Completed 2014 1
Reint Gropp, Felix Noth, Ulrich Schüwer, Carlo Wix Banking market structure and catastrophic risk Financial Institutions Ongoing 2014 0
Reint Gropp, Deyan Radev, Michael Schröder The Internal Organization of Banks and the Transmission of Lending Shocks across Borders Financial Institutions, Systemic Risk Lab Completed 2013 1
Reint Gropp, Thomas Mosk, Steven Ongena, Carlo Wix Capital Requirements and Bank Lending Financial Institutions, Transparency Lab Completed 2014 1