Prof. Martin Götz, Ph.D.

Prof. Martin Götz, Ph.D.
Program Area:
Financial Institutions, Data Center, Corporate Finance, Household Finance, Systemic Risk Lab
Research Center SAFE, Goethe University Frankfurt
+49 69 798 30074
HoF 4.08
Researcher Project Category Status Project Duration Publication Count
Ivelina Dimitrova, Martin Götz, Dominik Hirschbühl, Theresa Kreft, Tobias Tröger, Gerrit Tönningsen Bail-In Tracker Financial Institutions, Policy Center Completed 2016 1
Yangming Bao, Irina Gemmo, Helmut Gründl, Martin Götz Household liquidity risk management and insurance companies’ investment behavior Household Finance, Financial Institutions Ongoing 2016 1
Helmut Gründl, Martin Götz, Holger Kraft, Raimond Maurer Demographic changes, optimal design of life insurance contracts and household welfare Household Finance, Financial Institutions Ongoing 2016 1
Yangming Bao, Martin Götz Local Spillover Effects and Corporate Investment Corporate Finance Ongoing 2017 0
Yangming Bao, Martin Götz, Dominik Hirschbühl, Luc Laeven, Ross Levine Bank Diversification and Risk Management Financial Institutions Completed 2014 1
Martin Götz, Xu Liu, Loriana Pelizzon Contingent Convertible and Subordinated Bonds Issuance Systemic Risk Lab Ongoing 2017 0
Martin Götz, Dominik Hirschbühl Systemic Financial Risk Platform (SFRP) – A Platform for Presenting and Implementing Research on Systemic Risk Data Center, Systemic Risk Lab, Policy Center Ongoing 2014 1