Dr. Ulrich Schüwer

External Researcher
Program Area: Financial Institutions

PositionAssistant Professor
InstitutionUniversity of Bonn



Researcher Project Category Project Duration
Claudia Lambert, Felix Noth, Ulrich Schüwer Consequences of adverse shocks on bank behavior Financial Institutions 2013
Carlo Wix, Ulrich Schüwer Monetary Policy and Bank Lending: A Natural Experiment from the US Mortgage Market Financial Institutions 2016
Reint Gropp, Carlo Wix, Felix Noth, Ulrich Schüwer Banking market structure and catastrophic risk Financial Institutions 2014
Author/s Title Research Area Published
Michael Kosfeld, Ulrich Schüwer Add-On Pricing in Retail Financial Markets and the Fallacies of Consumer Education
forthcoming in Review of Finance
Household Finance 2016
Researcher Project Category Project Duration
Jan Pieter Krahnen, Christian Rauch, Felix Noth, Ulrich Schüwer On the Separation of Banking Activities Financial Institutions 2013