5th Frankfurt Conference on Financial Market Policy

When:27 October 2017
Where:Campus Westend, Goethe University

How Much Union Does Europe Need?

Europe’s economic and monetary union was found wanting in the wake of the Great Financial Crisis. This became indisputably evident in the management of the diverse crises. Meanwhile, a number of lessons have been drawn. A new set of fiscal rules has been established. Bank supervision has been Europeanized. The same holds true for restructuring and resolution of trouble institutions. Still, there is substantial doubt about the re-designed institutional infrastructure. Some call for stricter rules. Others hold that the common currency can only work satisfyingly when more backstops are in place.

Goethe University’s SAFE Policy Center will devote its 5th Frankfurt Conference on Financial Market Policy to ponder the question of how much union in terms of mutualization a robust monetary union needs. After a keynote, three panels will address different aspects of the issue, dealing with monetary policy concerns, banking and financial market matters as well as budgetary policy questions.

The conference will bring together policymakers, academics as well as industry participants. Its objective is to allow for an open debate in order to contribute to the public’s capacity to evaluate arguments and put a judgment on policy initiatives proposed.

Further information on the program will be posted soon!