Facts and Figures

all figures as of January 2017


Directors: Jan Pieter Krahnen, Uwe Walz

Executive Board

Scientific Board

Contributing Researchers

37 Professors, including 6 professors funded by SAFE

25 Assistant professors, including 16 assistant professors funded by SAFE

47 Research assistants

35 External researchers


161 Working papers

93 SAFE publications

146 Ongoing research projects

40 Completed research projects


45 SAFE white papers

54 SAFE policy letters

Research Network

35 External researchers

57 Research visitors since January 2013

103 CFS/SAFE Research Fellows

4 SAFE Junior Fellows


42 Research conferences / workshops

35 SAFE Policy Center lectures

4 SAFE Policy Center Conferences ("Frankfurt Conference on Financial Market Policy")

4 Summer Academies


SAFE receives funding from the LOEWE Program of the State of Hessen


January 2013